C.Wall Architecture is an architectural studio located in Greenpoint, Brooklyn. We strive to provide conscientious and innovative design solutions necessary for client satisfaction while simultaneously supporting community needs.

Our studio provides unique contemporary design detailing on new construction and is often mixed with a respectful upgrade to existing and sometimes historic structures. Custom details often include exterior window and door solutions, interior furniture, and lighting.

We provide management services including energy modeling to help meet upcoming energy resolutions, construction management, and marketing renderings for a holistic package of planning, design and management.

Cortney Walleston is a Registered Architect in New York and New Jersey with 14 years of construction, architecture and design experience. CW holds an Associate of Architectural Engineering and a Bachelor of Architecture from Wentworth Institute of Technology.

What we do

  • Custom Architectural design; construction detail and documentation.
  • Architectural services for upgrading and improving overall buildings infrastructure and general health.
  • Coordination of all technical trades and structural integrity for new architecture and existing.
  • Client resources in Owners representation, budget and bid process, contract negotiations, and construction advocacy.

Who We Are

  • Cortney Walleston | Project Architect
  • Brian Downey | Designer & Renderer
  • Ricardo Borges | Designer
  • Emma Stoll | Designer
  • Brooke Buzzerd | Project Manager